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The EYPD campaign is a people's campaign and the EYPD logo is a people's logo. The logo symbolises the goals, objectives, policies, messages and strategies of the EYPD.
The logo was chosen out of four drafts by a online jury of over 3000 people and in consultation with representatives of disabled people and the participating countries. It will be used to brand all communication of the campaign, provide a visual identity for use by everyone involved in activities of the European Year, as well as for partners to show their support for an involvement in the campaign.

The logo with the three arrows stands for forward movement. It is a tag which can be easily sketched and reproduced, and can therefore be used by anyone and everywhere. It indicates that there is action but also fun. It will make people curious to find out what this is all about.

The logo symbolises:
- A people's movement
- progress
- empowerment
- Change
- Commitment

Within the limits of the 'Guidelines for the use of the EYPD logo", the use of the logo is free. Please consult the guidelines to find out how you can use the EYPD logo.

After you agree to the 'Guidelines for the use of the EYPD logo", you can download the logo in one of the 11 languages.

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