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European Year of People with Disabilities 2003.
Guidelines for use of the EYPD name, logo and materials

The Year

The European Union adopted 2003 as the European Year of People with Disabilities. This decision has given an opportunity to disabled people across Europe to put disability rights at the top of the agenda for Europe and the Members States.

Thousands of activities and events will take place during the year in the different participating countries. They will be linked through a March through Europe which will start in Greece in January 2003, go through all the Member States of the European Union and will end in Italy in December 2003. Activities and events along the March at all levels in the Member States will be organised by the disability movement. The March will be supported by a campaign bus.

Each Member State will establish a National Co-ordinating Body (NCB) which will be responsible for co-ordinating and supporting the organisation of activities during the Year in that country.

The EYPD logo

The EYPD name and logo symbolise the goals, objectives, policies, messages, and strategies of the EYPD.

It will be used to brand all communication of the campaign, provide a visual identity for use by everyone involved in activities of the European Year as well as for sponsors and partners to show their support for and involvement in the campaign. The European Year does not endorse commercial products or services. Thus, the name and logo cannot be used in any manner that suggests a direct product and services endorsement. It has been chosen after an on-line vote and in consultation with representatives of people with disabilities and the participating countries.

The Use of the EYPD logo

As many people as possible should be involved in the EYPD. The year will be promoted by a people's campaign. It is therefore desirable that the EYPD logo will be used as widely as possible.

Within this context of extensive, open usage of the logo, the following simple rules apply:

  • Because it represents the identity of the EYPD, the name and logo can only be used as designed and produced and as available to download from eypd2003.org
  • Its design (the words 2003 and the 3 arrow heads) CANNOT be changed or edited in any way.
  • National Co-ordination Bodies (NCB) may choose to accompany the logo by a text which encapsulates one of the main objectives of the Year.

As long as the activities, products and materials are consistent with the goals, objectives and messages of EYPD, the name and EYPD logo can be used without permission for the following activities or products:

- Information and promotional campaigns
-Awareness activities Newsletters and journal articles
-Web sites Radio and Television Programmes, or advertisements
-Conferences and seminars
-Promotional items

Use of the EYPD name and logo that require permission

The European Year does not endorse commercial products or services. Thus, the name and logo cannot be used in any manner that suggests a direct product and services endorsement. In particular, it cannot be used for:

Printing it in conjunction with other organisational or commercial company names (contact the Commission or the NCB for permission). Using it with other messages not linked to the EYPD (contact the Commission or the NCB for permission).

Where permission is required to use the logo at national level, it should be sought from the National Co-ordination Body in each country.

Where permission is required to use the logo at European Community level, it should be sought from the European Commission.

Policy for Duplicating EYDP Promotional Materials

Promotional products produced for EYPD are in the public domain and are not copyrighted, so they can be freely used, reproduced and disseminated without permission.

However, when printing and reproducing EYPD products, organisations must only do this for events and actions consistent with the Year's goals and objectives.

Printing and reproduction of EYPD materials that do not require permission

Addition of organisation's name, logo, telephone number, fax number, or Web site address to any EYPD product
Addition of the following or similar statements to EYPD products:
"XXX supports the aims of the EYPD."
"Reprinted as an educational service of XXX."
"Provided by XXX in support of the EYPD."

Printing and reproduction of materials that require permission

Revising or editing the content of EYPD products.

To request approval of revised EYPD products, send an E-mail to the Commission (for European events) or the NCB (for national events) and provide with a brief description of

1) the organisation;
2) what will be changed and why; and
3) how the revised product will be disseminated and used.

Restrictions for Printing and Reproduction of EYPD materials

Commercial brands or product names or logos CANNOT be added to any EYPD products.

EYPD products cannot be sold for a profit but can be sold to recover printing and distribution costs.

Contact the Commission or the NCB if there are questions about applying the EYPD guidelines or if these guidelines do not address your situation.

Annex: EC address Enquiries to the European Commission about use of the logo for European events and actions, should be made in writing only.They can be sent to:

Fax: +

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