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Category: How to campaign

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  • How do I mobilise the community?
    This chapter simply reminds you that you are not alone in the world. It is important to consider the entire community in which you live and work when looking for allies. It suggests that you consider sharing experiences with or obtaining support from other rights groups.
  • How do I plan concrete action?
    This chapter will help you to develop concrete actions once you have created the group and once you have your priorities set out.
  • How do I start a disability advocacy group?
    This chapter explains how to go about getting a group of like-minded people together to make a difference for people with disabilities, where to find ideas that have been useful to other organisations, and what sort of people you might want to ensure are part of your group.
  • What happens on the big day?
    On the day of your activity, you will have to be thinking of a hundred things. This chapter is a gentle reminder of some of the most important things you should have done in advance and on the day.
  • How do I define my purpose?
    This chapter gives some suggestions as to how to determine the central issues of your group once you gone through the beginning stages of assembling it.
pages: previous | 1 | 2

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